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American Olean Flooring

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American Olean is a brand owned by the Dal-Tile Corporation. American Olean sells tile floors of various types, along with walls and glass.

About American Olean's Corporate Parent

Dal-Tile is a large tile producer with over 10,000 employees. It was founded in Dallas, TX, in 1947. Most (seven) of Dal-Tile's facilities are located in the United States; the company also operates a plant in Mexico.

Dal-Tile itself is owned by Mohawk Industries, yet another company that focuses on flooring. Mohawk has been around since 1878 and acquired Dal-Tile and American Olean together in 2001.

American Olean Products

American Olean makes several types of floors: porcelain, quarry, and stone. It also produces other surfaces, like mosaics and stained glass that can serve decorative functions. Decorative edges are available to complement specified areas of tile.

There are also several products recommended specifically for pool linings and decks. These are usually unglazed mosaic tiles that will provide some traction.

Consumers unsure about what type of tile will work best for them can order samples online.

Homeowner Information

It's recommended that American Olean's tile floors be installed with grout, which can be prepared along with the tiles when the floor is ready to install. When applying grout, it is important to use the full and recommended quantity to prevent cracking later.

Tile surfaces should be chosen with their intended use in mind. Kitchen counters, for example, should be tiled with high-temperature glazes, since these minimize the amount of scratches they will receive in the long term.

Glazed tiles can be cleaned with an all-purpose solution; unglazed tiles require occasional cleaning with a specially designed tile cleaner. Grout should be cleaned along with the tiles. In general, it's a good idea to test out the cleaning product on a small area before use.

Contact Information

Daltile Corporation
7834 C.F. Hawn Freeway
(214) 398-1411

Mohawk Industries
160 South Industrial Blvd.
Calhoun, GA 30701
(800) 241-4494
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