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Parquets Dubeau Ltd. has been producing quality Canadian hardwood floors since 1936. The company utilizes a combination of skill, craftsmanship, and technology for its wood strips and parquet tiles. Dubeau employs 250 people and the location of the original plant is in St. Norbert, about an hour's drive northeast of Montreal.

An additional plant is located in Saint-Just-de-Bretenieres, near the United States border, southeast of Montreal. Dubeau's engineered flooring is produced in Maniwaki, about 185 miles northeast of Montreal.

The Montreal distribution center features computerized climate control and Dubeau's facilities are designed to service the North American market faster. As a result of the company's partnership with the Lauzon Group in 2001, Parquets Dubeau Ltd. is the largest hardwood flooring manufacturer in Canada.


Parquets Dubeau Ltd. focuses on solid hardwood, parquet, and engineered hardwood flooring. The company also provides various inserts and design options to add to the appearance of its floors.


Jules and William Dubeau operated a sawmill in St. Norbert in 1936. The Dubeau brothers expanded their mill in the 1960s to include parquet products as a less expensive flooring alternative to the hardwood strips. In 1978, a major fire resulted in the rebuilding of the company; from that point forward the business has been known as Parquets Dubeau Ltd.

Pre-finished parquet was added to the company's product line in the 1980s, followed by pre-finished engineered hardwood in 2006. Dubeau is conscious of the environment and its manufacturing process is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The varnish used for the company's wood products is free of solvents, VOCs, and formaldehyde.

Customer Resources

The Dubeau Floors website has an overview of the company and detailed product specifications. It also contains information about the care, installation, and warranty of their hardwood. Customers can learn more about Dubeau's products in the Tips & Facts section. The website has a page where customers can locate the nearest Home Depot distributor or independent retailer.

Contact the Company

1680 Principale Street
Saint-Norbert, QC J0K 3C0

Telephone: (450) 836-4405
Toll Free Phone: 1(800) 665-6765
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