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Hawa Flooring

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Hawa Bamboo & Wood primarily manufactures bamboo floors. It also makes floors from various types of wood. Its factory is ISO Certified and features 11 quality control inspection stations within the production process.

Hawa Bamboo & Wood Products

Hawa's main product is bamboo floors, which are available in several different forms. The company also makes floors with out of maple, birch, oak, and some exotic woods.

The company provides instructions for installing its floors, and suggests that the floor be placed near the completion at the end of a new construction project. Hawa suggests procuring the wood for its floors about 48 hours in advance. Installation requires a saw, knife, spacers, hammer, and some other carpentry equipment. Homeowners usually need about five to ten percent more material than they have floor space.

Hawa Bamboo & Wood's History

Hawa Bamboo & Wood operates throughout the United States and is headquartered in Sayreville New Jersey. It owns two factories in China and imports its wood from Russia and South America.

The company has been in business since 1993 and established its current headquarters in 1999. In 2003 it expanded its operations to include exotic wood in addition to bamboo. Hawa prides itself on the environmental value of using bamboo, which grows very quickly.


Hawa guarantees its floors for 25 years, but different rules apply if the floors are sold through a commercial retailer. Hawa does not take responsibility for problems with flooring that are determined to have resulted from installation error. The warranty also becomes invalid if the floor is not maintained under appropriate humidity and temperature conditions.

Contact Information

Hawa Bamboo & Wood Products Corp.
4000 Bordentown Ave., Suite No. 4
Sayreville, NJ 08872

Phone: (732) 390-1818
Toll-Free Phone: (800) 699-HAWA
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