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Cerypsa Flooring

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Cerypsa Ceramicas is based in Spain and is a manufacturer of wall and floor tiles. The company's product line includes ceramic as well as porcelain. In order to improve the standards of its products and the environment, Cerypsa utilizes a management system and a manufacturing plant that has the capacity of 8,000 square meters per day, with a total daily production estimate of 21,000 square meters.

Cerypsa Products

Even though Cerypsa is primarily focused on porcelain and ceramic tiles, the company also offers flooring accessories and borders. Plus, Cerypsa produces listellos (carved or 3D designs) and trim for the tiles, which are available for a wall or floor installation. With a variety of styles ranging from rustic to contemporary, the company has a wide selection of designs and formats.

Company History

Beginning in 1979, Cerypsa developed lines of ceramic and porcelain tile flooring that were based on current and classic trends of the day. As the company has grown, new branches have been opened to increase productivity and a management system was launched in 2002 to focus on environmental standards. Raw materials and alternative energy that conserve the environment are examples of the steps Cerypsa has taken.

Customer Resources

Although there is not a lot of information about Cerypsa for customers to research, some websites feature a profile on the company and its products. Other companies that distribute Cerypsa tiles could be another source for pricing and the descriptions of the flooring. However, general explanations of porcelain and ceramic tile are easily accessible by searching online or consulting with a local store.

Contact Information

Cerypsa Ceramicas
Avenida Manuel Escobedo, 28
Apdo. de Correos, 24
12200 ONDA (Castellón)

Telephone: (34) 964.771.282/601.452
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