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Eliane is the largest ceramic and porcelain tile manufacturer in Brazil. The company was founded in 1960 and today has headquarters in Brazil and the United States. Eliane is a world leader in tile manufacturing. The business continues to grow as the company strives to listen to customers and respond to their needs.

Products from Eliane

Home Depot is a large merchandiser of Eliane products in the United States. Eighteen styles of ceramic tile and thirty-six styles of porcelain tile are available through Home Depot. Eliane company leaders saw that porcelain tile would become popular and began developing it ahead of the curve in the market.

Eliane offers tile for indoor and outdoor use, and in square and rectangular shapes. The tile comes in an array of sizes also. Popular lines include the "Illusione" and "Mount Everest" collections.

History of Eliane

The company opened its doors in 1960 when Maximilliano Gaidzinski turned a brick factory into a ceramic tile factory in Brazil. The North American head office today is located in Carrollton, Texas and the original headquarters is still in Brazil. Eliane was the first Brazilian company to receive ecological certification for a ceramic tile product. They also were the first tile company in Brazil to develop a tile for special-needs customers that provides a non-slip surface.

The company exports to eighty-six countries around the world. Brazilian factories manufacture indoor, outdoor, and commercial tile for Eliane. The company employs more than 2,500 people in eight different facilities in Brazil. Eliane is a third generation family-run business.

Resources for the Homeowner

Eliane has a website that lists information about their products. Some sections of the website are in English and those parts that are in Portuguese only can be translated through Google translator. Home Depot carries fifty-four styles of Eliane tile in a variety of sizes. Customers can narrow their choices on the Home Depot site by choosing commercial, residential, indoor, or outdoor tile.

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Eliane Ceramic Tiles
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