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Congoleum Flooring

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Congoleum manufactures various types of sheet and tile flooring. The company's operations are based in Mercerville, New Jersey, with other manufacturing facilities located in Trenton, New Jersey, Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, and Cedarhurst, Maryland. More than 525 employees are employed by Congoleum.


Congoleum offers a variety of sheet flooring options. The exclusive DuraCeramic line combines the look of a tile with the convenience and durability of sheet flooring. Congoleum's AirStep tile is a flexible version of sheet flooring that is also certified for its indoor air quality. The company's other lines feature tile and plank products, such as Ovations, DuraStone, Connections, and Endurance. Congoleum K-Tech sheet flooring was created especially for kitchens.

Company History

Congoleum's history traces back to 1886. The company was the first to use the chemical embossing process. In the 1960s, Congoleum invented inlaid sheet vinyl. Further innovations include the invention of "no-wax" vinyl flooring in the 1970s and the BAC STOP Mildew Protection in the 1980s.

Congoleum is the only manufacturer of sheet flooring that incorporates the Scotchguard Protector into its products. The company designs and produces residential as well as commercial flooring and is distributed through flooring stores and home centers across the United States and Canada.

Customer Resources

The Congoleum website has a lot of information about all of the company's products, care, installation, and warranty. Online product brochures can be downloaded as pdf files. Congoleum also provides a section where customers can enter a zip code and locate the nearest retail store that distributes the products.

Contact Information

Congoleum Corporation
Department C, P.O. Box 3127
Mercerville, NJ 08619-0127

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